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Northern Forest Outskirts

A u t h e n t i c   P a n t h e r   G i r l s


Authenticism, Initiative, Antagonism & Role-playing

O P E N I N G   Q U O T E
People being opinionated..

"I was nothing with these proud, free, dangerous, brave women, these independent, superb, unfearing, resourceful, fierce felines, panther girls of the northern forests of Gor. They were swift, and beautiful and arrogant, like Verna. They were armed, and could protect themselves, and did not need men. They could make men slaves, if they wished, and sell them later, if they were displeased with them or wearied of them. And they could fight with knives and knew the trails and trees of the vast forests. They feared nothing, and needed nothing."


"They were so different from myself."


"They were strong, and unfearing. I was weak, and frightened."


"It seemed they were of a sex, or breed, other than, and superior to my own."


"Among such women I could be but the object of their scorn, what they despised most, only Kajira."

                         - Captive of Gor (Book 7) Page 128

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Northern Forest Outskirts

 * The Intent of this Sim.

 * The Sim's Rules <--- Read this shit.

 * "Weapons-Grade" Freebies for RP

 * How to make a good Avatar: Cheap!

K E Y   N O T E S

 - This is a role-playing sim. That means that you are not your character. As part of this amateur acting/writing (whatever you want to call it) or role-playing environment, that means that you need to be capable of acting out roles that are different from your own, real life-personality. If you do silly things like play 'unowned' slaves, or warp your character hundreds of passangs out into the wilds without understanding Gor, you will not be welcome here for long.


 - All slave collars are permenant. You have been forewarned. No time limits will be respected, and run-aways (including 'unowned slaves') found that have no logical explaination can be hamstringed on a whim.


 - Disregard Skeletons mounted on spears at your own discretion. They don't promise that the land beyond them is safe.


 - Reading The Sim Rules is highly recommended by the sim administration. Characters will probably die if you do not understand why people are doing what they're doing in RP with you. You'll also probably lose in a fight, because we have special standards detailed on the meter page including rules that let people reset and resume fighting if someone breaks a rule -- including if women use a 40% weapon. Women can use swords so long as they're 35% damage.


 - **WARNING**:

We don't care if your character is straight or gay. If you make it an OOC issue when you're captured, you're in the wrong. Your Earth Stereo-types don't belong in Gor and the preferences of captives and slaves probably will not be entertained -- though look at it this way:

If you win, you don't have to worry about the problem either.


November 24th, 2014

   - Gorean Website Launched!

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Map of the Northern Forest

Map of the Northern Forest

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